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Process2Designing and building a custom home is an evolutionary process of designing, reviewing, modifying, and finalizing decisions.  My greatest challenge and satisfaction as a builder comes from putting customers at ease with this process. Building a new home often involves making hundreds of decisions, and can sometimes be stressful. It is my desire to guide and advise you through this project and to make it fun.

You may find a home in my collection that is perfect for you or you may come with plans in hand.  Customers often search out and select a plan before they select a builder, but even after choosing a plan most often it will need to be amended.  This is where I come in. As an experienced builder, the solutions you seek will come easy to me.   I can also design a home from scratch which will afford you the opportunity to provide input and feedback. This will ensure the home you are going to build is the perfect home for you.  I provide this conceptual service at no charge to the customer. This process allows for changes as the design evolves, and gives you the opportunity to truly consider all the details associated with a custom built home. Many of these choices do not involve spending a lot of money but instead simply involves the arrangement of space.

The design process should never be hurried. Careful consideration should be given to every detail. As a professional, it is my job to remember details you may have forgotten, to suggest ideas which you may be unaware of, and to challenge you in the choices you make to be certain you are confident in the decisions you have made.  Often a customer knows exactly what they want down to the smallest of details; while others need more help navigating the process.   In either case, I will provide as much or as little help is necessary to ensure the final result meets your criteria for design and if possible, price.

This should include multiple revisions to appoint every detail. Take your time here. Do not allow yourself to be hurried. This is perhaps the most important step in the process and one which when carefully considered, pays huge dividends. The opportunity for you to fine tune the choices you make are only limited by your imagination and budget. I am happy to make a contract contingent on your approval of a plan if you choose.

To provide the greatest flexibility, to allow the process to evolve, and to diminish the decisions which need to be made initially, I will provide allowances for flooring, light fixtures, appliances, cabinets etc.  Allowances also provide budgetary guidelines to keep the build on track, and most importantly, allows for decisions to be made as they seem most relevant to the process. These allowances will be based upon our earlier discussions and my understanding of your criteria previously provided in plan development.

As your builder I will handle the pain-staking details of how the home will be sited, how the driveway will curve, what trees will be removed etc. all of which I will discuss with you on site to assure we share the same vision. 

I will provide a walk thru with you before close-in to put you at ease that the quality we promise is the quality we deliver. This meeting also provides you an opportunity to see firsthand that the options you selected have been provided for. It is an educational opportunity for most and proof of our commitment to structural integrity.

If during the process you decide to make a change or add an expense we can amend the contract with a change order. 

Before closing we will walk the home together to note anything you may find in need of correction. We take pride in very small punch out lists. We work toward perfection. It is our first priority always.  

After the closing we will be there for you to service the home. Finishing a home means servicing the home after the sale. If you are doing your job as a homeowner you will continue to make the home even better through your efforts in landscaping and interior decorating. We look forward to working with you in the process of constructing your next dream home.