Travilian Homes



As a man who enjoys being outdoors, I never had the desire to work in an office.  After college, much to the dismay of my family, I pursued a career in the carpentry trade. Given my keen interest in learning, and the fortunate presence of skilled mentors, I quickly advanced in the industry; from making wage as a carpenter within 2 years, to project manager in 7, it was a quick climb.  The knowledge and experiences gained early in my career established a solid foundation for my subsequent success as a home builder.  

I founded Travilian Homes in 1980. My ambition was to design and build homes from the ground up; bringing customers’ dreams to reality, as well as satisfying a personal need through the creative outlet of new home design. Structured on a desire to please, a willingness to remain flexible, and an enthusiasm for the work, I have enjoyed sustained success for over 34 years. With over 400 custom homes completed, the principles upon which Travilian Homes, Inc. were founded have remained constant. 

Excellence in design, quality of construction, attention to detail, and open communication with the client, has been the hallmarks of this company’s success. Over the past 3 decades, Travilian Homes, Inc. has gained a stellar reputation for producing consistent quality while meeting the demand for affordable custom homes; all-the-while providing excellent customer service.

Over the last 12 years, my focus has also been real estate development.  I have successfully entitled and/or developed several communities in the Fredericksburg area: The Gables, Lexington Farms, Turney Estates, Rapidan Meadows Farm, Glen Haven, and now River Glen; where I am back to work as a custom builder still trading as Travilian Homes, Inc.

Over the years, Travilian Homes has served as a leading builder in many Fredericksburg area communities which include; Aquia Harbor, Lee’s Hill, Ruffin’s Pond, Lake Wilderness, Fox Point, Chancellor West, The Timber’s, The Palisades, Summer’s Landing, and Salem Fields to name a few. During this period Travilian Homes, has held firm to a simple core value: A small custom home builder striving for quality and customer satisfaction, one customer at a time.

Treating people fairly and giving them an honest “best effort” is something I take to heart.